How a Well-known Compliance Publishing Firm Reduced the Newsletter Production Cost through Automation?


In this digital era, when the end of offline media continues to be exaggerated and every business is going digital- vociferously declared the new normal, print newsletters are still one of the main revenue streams for the compliance publishers. In fact, the print newsletters, reaching directly to the users and having a greater shelf life, are considered more authentic than the email ones. According to Epsilon Targeting’s Consumer Channel Preference Study, 6 out of 10 U.S. consumers overviewed state they appreciate getting postal mail from brands about new items. Hence, most of the compliance publishers prefer to provide print newsletters to their perusers. 

Compliance publishers have plenty of publications running under them including healthcare, HR safety, FDA, etc. The focal thought of these publications is to gather credible information about the concerned area from various legitimate sources, simplify them, and afterward disperse it to the endorsers as print bulletins/newsletters. Though Print Newsletters proves to be one of the most effective ways of connecting and educating the readers,  producing them manually is a tedious task. 

To create a compelling newsletter, you need to do a series of tasks including content planning, page designing, embedding images, and lastly newsletter printing. Doing each of these errands manually through software like Adobe InDesign not just needs a tremendous measure of time and cost, yet also technical expertise to operate the software. The editors need to get familiar with the fundamental operations of the product to take a shot at it, or else you need to recruit a dedicated individual for the same, who can coordinate with the editor and design the newsletter, adding even more to the overall production cost. 

Managing so many publication categories, each with countless newsletters, is already a daunting task for a publisher to do. And the pandemic has stoked the fire, bringing in a flood of challenges for the publishers ranging from the newsgathering, to distribution, to finance. Pandemic has caused a massive impact on the demand for print media, dropping it to a great extent. Due to this, the advertisers also stopped investing in print media advertisements, creating a lot of financial challenges on the publishers, hence, requiring them to cut down the production cost.  

Considering all these challenges Ace came up with a competent automated solution software for a compliance publishing firm, which wanted to cut their production cost to a considerable level and increase profits. The software helped them streamline their newsletter production process so that they were able to create their newsletter in no time. 

Feature Highlights of the Software

The software automated the entire process, requiring a minimum human intervention in the process. This way, the editors were only needed to focus on drafting the information, which they can feed to the software, the rest would be handled by the software itself. Along with this, it also liberated them from investing in expensive software like InDesign, making it cost-effective. Here are some powerful highlights of the solution, that helped the publisher reduce the production time and cost of their print newsletters:

  • Support for Multiple Data Types

  • The software is not restricted to a single data source and data type. It allows you to connect the software with various systems to get content or stories in RSS, XML, JSON, or RESTful API, or any custom source format.

  • Real-Time Workflow and Monitoring

  • The software has a Real-Time Workflow & Monitoring, allowing the editors to manage the newsletter production process in real-time, which thereby makes it a great fit for offshore production.

  • Customized Experience 

  • The software, packed with customizable features like button customization, freedom to include desired data formats, and widgets, provide an excellent customized experience to the editors. Custom features & buttons in the software make the newsletter designing process quite easy and efficient, giving you complete control over your data.

  • Cloud Support

  • The cloud support in the solution expands the boundaries of the editors and producers, allowing them to easily store, manage, and fetch their data from Cloud, without stressing over the data loss.

  • Supports Multi Publication Newsletter Production

  • Considering the fact that the publisher has to manage multiple publications, the software is designed in a way that it can fit into the need, supporting multiple publications. The software has the potential to manage up to 30 publications.

  • User-Friendly

  • The software does not bound the editors to have a prior technical aptitude or for that matter even learn in the future. It comes with extremely user-friendly tools and layout, making it easier for the non-technical person to operate the software. 

  • Facilitates Live Review and Feedback

For a newsletter to be flawless, it has to go through various levels, getting reviewed by the editorial team, supervisor, and producer, before printing. Once it is reviewed, the changes and improvements are made to the newsletter based on the suggestions. The software empowers the editors to conduct this entire review process smoothly, maintaining the logs of each iteration for future reference.


The software came out as a great success for the publisher. Using the solution, the publishing company automated its newsletter production workflow, which brought a drastic difference in the production cost and time. With its ease of use, flexibility, and snappy turnaround time, the publishers were able to diminish the newsletter production time by 80%, and thereby cost. 

Not only this, but Ace Infoway has also helped a wealth of publishers in automating their numerous publishing processes based on their priorities- time, cost, or flexibility. So, if you want to accelerate your publishing process which also fits your pocket, or looking for a solution that can help you achieve your desired goal, Reach out to us. Our Ace experts will create a competent solution for your publishing firm, that will not only fulfill your present goals but will also be future-proof.

Nirav Oza

Nirav Oza

Nirav is passionate about helping clients in their growth and transformation towards digitization by analyzing their business issues. He believes in devising continuous improvements to increase efficiency, product qualification and decrease aggregate expenses with optimum utilization of technology. He has 17+ years of experience with successful track record in creating business value through innovative yet simplified use of technology in varied industries.

Nirav Oza